Learning management

Organizations expend a lot of resources on talent development either creating or buying training content and making it available to their workforce. Content that is not easily accessible lessens the chance that workers will benefit from it. Therefore, there needs to be an intuitive way to search or browse the training catalog.

Browsing is a great way to explore the training catalog, but with thousands of titles, a learner may not know where to start. Now you can use filters while browsing, so only the relevant parts of the catalog are accessed. This saves you time and gives a more complete picture of the courses that are relevant to you. Learners can use filters for content categories, learning types, competencies gained, language, delivery mode, location, training centre and class start date.

Key Features Highlight:

✔ Search learning catalog

✔ Filter all available catalog

✔ View results by learning type

✔ Click on name to enroll