In last April 2020, PT. ONE (Orbit National Education) which a part of IDStar Group are held a Hackathon Competition which is held online with a RPA theme (Robotic Process Automation). Supported by a big company that focused on the RPA sector, UiPath. ICStar Hackathon also supported by banking companies such as Bank BCA, Bank Mega, and Adira, so it can collect all the college students in the 7-8 semester and the fresh graduate from Information and Technology Major, Information System, and Industrial Technique from 27 Universities in Indonesia. The purpose of this ICStar Hackhaton Competition 2020 is a bridge in responding to problems that hinder the movement of education with the industrial world. So with this event, we hope it can increase the spirit of the nation’s children and can prepare them all to enter the workforce. The partnership with all the companies is hoped to help speed up the recruitment of all the participants in ICStar Hackathon and they also can directly be hired by the companies.