PT. Gema inovasi Teknologi

PT. Gema Inovasi Teknologi (GIT) is a specialized IT services company providing IT Human Capital Managament solutions for your business needs. Founded in 2019, GIT is focused in delivering IT HCM Solutions across industries.

Our expertise covers IT HCM Modules from Recruitment, Performance Management, to Time & Attendance. Let's automate and enhance your IT HCM needs with us.

Company Overview

GIT, as a member of IDstar Group, synergize on a mission to educate, service, and transform brands and people with correct tools & strategies.

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PT. Gema Inovasi Teknologi


At GIT, we are determined to provide the best IT HCM solutions, as we earn clients trust by always delivering more than expected to our clients

OUR MIssion

Helping clients by providing reliable solutions and gives outstanding results

To build a strong relationship with customers, principals, partners and stakeholders

To focus on people development and continuous career improvement of our people

OUR Story

At Gema Inovasi Teknologi, we strive to assist our notable clients with the best support they need in order to run their business smoothly.

Our core is in IT HCM where it is a fundamental functions in each business organizations. Our CEO, Mr. Tonny Soeroso, is a professional with more than 10 years of experience serving variety of different clients from Financial Services Industries, Banking Sector, and more.

Mr. Soeroso decided to start his own enterprise and build PT. Gema Inovasi Teknologi in late 2019.


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